I love men in bulging underwear

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What can be better then seeing a bunch of almost naked guys in tiny

Underwear, with their hard bulging cocks ready to blast right through

The fabric. I was at a friends underwear party the other day and I had the time of my life.

Yes guys that are naked are lots of fun but checking out the guys with their cocks bulging

Hard still wearing underwear is just as much fun as getting a gift in beautiful wrapping paper for my birthday!  Sometimes it’s more fun holding the package and trying to figure out what the gift is before you open it, for me it’s the same with a penis in a pair of bulging underwear. First there are all the different styles of undies. Men bulging in thongs, bulging in g-strings, bulging in bikinis and yes a few of the shy guys bulging in boxers. It is so much fun to closely inspect the fabric and see the outline of a swollen head or a perfectly huge set of balls bulging against

A tiny little g-string waiting to be freed from their captivity, all the better if I am the one to free them. No girls at this party so the boys could really be boys. Lot’s of boys trying to out do one another, setting the bulging level higher and higher. I was in on the fun too

In more ways the one. I was wearing a very daring spandex bikini with a very tight cock ring that kept me terminally hard and extremely bulging along with a constant drip of precum flowing out all over the fabric, a signal  to all the men around me that I was in dire need of servicing. I wonder what the record is for wrapping your lips around bulging

Cocks while still in there panties. Every other guy wanted to see how much bulging meat could be shoved into a mouth. My favorite is to get a cute guy wearing a tiny thong a squeeze that bulging pouch into my mouth, I could do that all night long in fact I did it all night long! It takes care of so many fetishes all at once. There were at least 30 guys of all flavors at this particular party, so far the best one I have been to in 2008. Setting the bar high for all future parties. The men including myself stayed in our bulging underwear as long as we could but in the end all the undies came off and pure bulging unimpeded cock

with a large assortment of oral pleasures was the last call of the night. This was a great party and in Los Angeles we do get some very wild parties. Why not try a men in bulging underwear party in your town. Start with a group of friends and build it up. People will here about it.



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