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Cock rings make you look

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How to put on a cock ring



How to put on a cock ring      




How do I put on a cock ring or what is the best way to put on a cock ring?

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I have been asked this question hundreds of times. How do I put on a cock ring?

I’m sure your first question is why would so many guys and some girls ask me how they should put on a cock ring? The answer to that is I work for a men’s swimwear company and we make tiny bikinis, thongs, g-strings and other wild swimwear and fetish wear suits for men. Many of our designs have built in cock rings, some of our fetish Lycra suits have complicated cock ring systems that really do need explaining. You can go to the above website to see many photos of the different style men’s swimwear and fetish designs that offer cock rings. Many men use cock rings to fill the pouch and make it look as large as possible. This works very well with bikinis, thongs, g-strings and other form fitting clothing designs.


How to put on a cock ring

Using a single metal cock ring


Single metal cock rings come in many sizes and can be a fraction of an inch thick to three inches plus thick. For now we will talk about the standard thin metal cock ring. Each type of cock ring uses a different technique to put it on. The diameter of the cock ring depends on your cock size and how advanced you are at using them. Someone with years of experience might get his entire normal sized cock contained within a 1 ½ diameter ring where another new user might not be able to do any better then a 2.5 to 3 inch diameter cock ring. When you are just starting out, just learning how to put on a cock ring you should always make sure to use a larger ring and be sure to have your entire cock lubed with oil or silicone based lube. The best technique and the one that will work well even on very shall diameter cock rings is the balls first method. When putting on a metal ring

push one testicle at a time through the cock ring then when both are through pull the cock shaft through. This might not be necessary on larger rings but it is good practice for small diameter cock rings. When you are using a very small ring you must be able to gently pull one testicle through at a time, sometimes it takes quite a bit of work to get them through. When using the very tight cock rings it may not seem like there is enough room for the cock shaft to fit in once the balls are in. Make sure the shaft is well lubed and flaccid and gently work it under the ring until it slides through. Be careful not to leave a ring on to long, they can cause damage to the blood vessels and the nerves. Very tight rings feel fantastic and keep you very hard for long periods of time along with increasing the stimulation factor, but remember that very tight cock rings can cause bruising to the shaft and the balls.


How to put on a cock ring

Using a rubber cock ring


As with metal cock rings rubber cock rings are available in many sizes including very thin and fat doughnut style cock rings.

The method of how to put on a cock ring when using rubber rings is very similar to metal with these changes. Many people say that lubes and oils will wear out a rubber ring prematurely. When using rings that are large to moderate sized put baby powder on the shaft and balls before putting on the ring and there is some give to rubber rings so you can use that extra give the material offers to get it on. When you are using smaller tighter rubber cock rings I have found that even rubber cock rings you will need to be oil or silicon lubed to get it on. How to put on a cock ring can be a state of mind. I have worked for twenty minutes at a time to get on a very tight rubber cock ring and the pleasure and huge erection you get from it is worth all the work.


One very important issue to keep in mind when learning how to put a cock ring on is not to panic! There are times you might put on such a small ring that getting it off seems impossible. Before you make that trip to the hospital, try making sure your cock is very well lubed, relax and let it get flaccid and then gently pull every thing out in reverse. That is gently slide the shaft out first, relax and pull one testicle out at a time. I like to have my entire pubic area shaved and I make sure that my balls and shaft are hairless too, this gives you one less thing to get pulled and plucked while learning how to put a cock ring on. If you are worried about red bumps after shaving it all off the product Tendskin is perfect for keeping the red irritation at bay.



How to put on a cock ring

Adjustable Lycra Spandex cock rings


Lycra Spandex cock rings are my favorite when I am wearing a bikini, thong or g-string and I prefer that they be built in to the swimwear design. Our company specializes in men’s swimwear designs that incorporate adjustable cock rings into some of the designs. These suits fall under the category of male enhancement swimwear. Adjustable Lycra Spandex cock rings are by far the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time but you need to make sure to use very mild pressure if wearing using for extended periods. When I wear my thong to the beach or my bikini at the gym I always tighten up the cock strap and it makes my cock appear to be exploding through the fabric. The only problem I find with this is I need to keep getting in the water to wash away my huge wet spots. Cock rings definitely get your juices flowing and a huge wet spot can be a little embarrassing.

Most adjustable cock rings use ¼” to ½ strapping and they can be cranked up to cock exploding levels if you are daring enough.



How to put on a cock ring

Multi-ring cock rings


For this how to put on a cock ring session we will discuss multi metal rings and rubber rings that are simple two and three ring systems. We will talk about the crazy stuff next.

Putting on a standard 3 ring welded metal cage can be a little intimidating. A three ring cage offer one cock ring that goes around everything, one smaller ring for the shaft and one small ring for the balls. Cock ring cages turn me on big time and once you get use to them they are fantastic for having sex in. Make sure you are well lubed and slide everything through the first ring, then the shaft through the upper ring then one testicle at

a time through the small bottom ring. Metal cage cock rings make your penis stand out and once you get the hang of putting them on are quite stunning to look at. There are some very small tight multi ring cages out there. My cock is about average size and I have tried some units that even after an hour or more of pulling stretching and compressing including help from two friends and I could not get it on. Multi ring

3 ring style rubber cock cages are much more challenging to get into. They have the same layout as the metal rings but they are put together with Lycra Spandex banding. They are created using thick rubber doughnut style rings that feel great and are very tight but do not offer much give. Again make sure you are well lubed and be prepared to take your time trying to get the testicles through the small bottom ring. Some of these rings are so small you can barely get one ball through but keep at it, the challenge is great but the stimulation is greater.



How to put on a cock ring

Fetish style cock ring suits including multi ring stretching

Cock rings and other erotic cock ring style designs.


My ultimate favorite cock ring fetish attire designs are the Koala penis display suits. These are suits that have multiple rings designed into them. Some have metal rings, some are rubber cock rings, some are adjustable cock rings and many are a combination of the above. I find these types of cock ring designs, the most fun, the most erotic, the most challenging and by far the most stimulating. When discussing how to put on a cock ring with these styles there are many different types to talk about. We will touch upon a number of different cock ring style display suits.


High on the list of favorite cock ring style suits would be the multi ring base stretching style suits. These suits feature up to ten rings that go around the base of the cock. This means that both cock and balls go through all the rings. These multi ring suits all work to stretch and pull the penis away from the body. Some of these designs focus just on the testicles with up to ten rings pulling down the balls creating startling visuals. I equate the look to what you see on South American and African women who use the rings to stretch their necks over time, the same thing can be done to the ball sack, the shaft or both. Care must be taken to make sure you are well lubed up when putting on these multiple rings and it is very important to put them on slowly making sure not to pinch the skin on the shaft or on the balls, pinching in this very tender area hurts! Try the less extreme designs at first until you become proficient and you are use to having the stretching pressure on your cock. Multiple ring rubber suits are even more difficult to put on but the pleasure and feeling of accomplishment of getting everything through a tunnel of thick rubber rings is amazing and well worth the time involved just make sure to take your time and not over do it.



How to put on a cock ring


Multi ring suits with combinations of metal, rubber and adjustable straps.

On the erotic fetish scale one my favorite sensual pleasures is putting on a multi ring suit that has additional straps to give me full control over the pressure to be exerted. Once your cock is though the metal or rubber rings and you have additional adjustable Lycra Spandex cock ring straps and you are free to create your own amount of pain and pleasure. I have used suits that have a metal cock ring that goes around the base, one that goes around the cock and one that goes around the balls then as if that is not enough they have added adjustable straps that go around the already stressed, erect and swollen members to make them stretch, grow and expand to even greater proportions. I have used these at wild parties and have had so many people come up and touch and play with me and be totally captivated by what can be created with the use of extreme cock ring designs.




How to put on a cock ring

Cock rings with ball splitters


One of the most erotic types of cock ring , the design with built in ball splitters.

If you are not familiar with this style cock ring they are much as they sound. These rings have strap, sometimes an adjustable strap that divides and separates the individual testicles. They will usually split the balls deeply creating a very stimulating effect. The adjustable strap enables you to crank it up and split the testes very deeply.

When learning how to put a cock ring on with a ball splitter keep in mind that you can put everything through the cock ring first and move the cock splitter out of the way for ease of entry. The visual effect of a cock ring with built in ball splitter is nothing short

of stunning.








How to put on a cock ring

Heavy weighted cock rings



Going heavy with your cock ring is always fun but can be intimidating/

Most heavy weight cock rings are both wide and think and are always metal.

Some of these very heavy rings are made just for the balls and do a very good job of stretching the sack out. When learning how to put on a heavy cock ring always make sure you are well lubed and remember don’t panic if you get stuck, make sure to relax and take it off slowly the way you put it on. Learning to put on a cock ring gets easier with practice. Can you think of something more fun to practice on then your cock?


Have a good time, enjoy yourself and be careful.